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  1. You can of course fill up at Embassy Gas but no doubt you will be concerned about national coverage.

  2. There are over 350 Autogas filling stations in the UK and the numbers are increasing rapidly. BP, for example, are planning to have 70 refuelling sites by the middle of this year and are committed to a total of 300 within 5 years.

  3. With numbers of vehicles using Autogas rising exponentially, more and more mainstream companies will be installing Autogas equipment in their forecourts.

  4. The LPGA (Liquid Petroleum Gas Association) has an up to date database of Autogas refuelling stations in the UK.

    Click here to search this database.

  5. Embassy Gas also keeps up to date lists. Ask for your copy next time you fill up or contact us and we will send you a copy.

  6. And don’t forget, converting to Autogas means you have a dual fuel car so, in effect, you can travel twice as far as before between fill ups!