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  1. When compared to petrol, LPG produces:

  2. 75% less carbon monoxide

  3. 85% less hydrocarbons

  4. 40% less nitrogen oxides

  5. 87% less ozone

  6. When compared to diesel, LPG produces:

  7. 90% less particulates, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide

  8. 50% less nitrogen oxide

  9. Moving to LPG will improve our environment and our health. Department of Health statistics suggest that particulates are responsible for several thousand early deaths each year and many thousands of instances of illness. Road transport is the largest single source for these particulates and, as the figures above show, LPG can reduce diesel emission by 90%.

  10. Nitrogen oxides are also causing significant problems. These pollutants were again highlighted by a Government report and there are requirements to meet set reductions in these emissions. Use of LPG results in substantial reductions of these oxides.

  11. As well as benefits to pollution levels, the use of LPG can help to reduce noise pollution. LPG vehicles are 50% quieter than diesel vehicles and marginally quieter than petrol vehicles.