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LPG (liquid petroleum gas) is the generic name for commercial propane and butane and forms a liquid when pressurised for storage. It is obtained as a by-product of the distillation of oil from crude oil and from ‘wet’ North Sea gas. It is produced in large quantities; a surplus of approximately 4 million tonnes per annum is currently available from the North Sea alone.
Autogas is the term generally used for LPG when it is used for the propulsion of road vehicles.

With the Government committed to increasing duties on petrol and diesel annually by at least 6% over the inflation rate, Autogas is the common sense fuel to use to reduce your running costs and it is environmentally friendly.

It is a safe clean fuel which offers a range of properties closest to that of petrol. When drawn from the tank, Autogas changes back to a gas before it is burnt in the engine. Autogas powered vehicles and water craft offer many advantages, not least of which is the overall reduction of engine wear. Ignited Autogas is unique in its burning properties in that it does not contain lead or carbon deposits that degrade components such as valves and spark plugs.