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What are the advantages of LPG over other fuels?

Compared to petrol, LPG has a higher octane content which makes for smoother combustion. Octane comparisons are:

  1. Super grade petrol = 98

  2. Lead free petrol = 95

  3. LPG = over 100

The main advantages over other fuels are:

  1. The combustion of LPG is smoother due to the higher octane content. Unlike other fuels, no additives are needed to guarantee this higher quality.

  2. LPG contains no lead resulting in a much cleaner fuel.

  3. The result of LPG reaching the engine in pure gas form is improved combustion.

  4. There is hardly any production of carbon monoxide and, in comparison to petrol and diesel, the exhaust fumes contain less harmful substances.

  5. Due to the absence of carbon deposits and acids, engine life is considerably extended.

  6. Servicing costs are reduced because the engine oil does does not become diluted.

  7. The environmental advantages of LPG for vehicles are indisputable.